Inspection of Animal Source Foods


Enrico Novelli, Barbara Cardazzo, Luca Fasolato, Stefania Balzan

Reasearch topic

Characterization of foodborne pathogens and microbial community

Identification of bacterial strains from different food matrices and evaluation of sources of contamination. Areas of specialization include: genus Aeromonas, genus Pseudomonas, genus Vibrio, Multilocus sequence typing/MLS analysis, single Sequence Type definition. Fields of application include: food of animal origin.

Food authenticity

The use of specific techniques with chemometric analysis for the confirmation of food authenticity and food quality in order to prevent frauds . Areas of specialization include: gas chromatography, near infrared spectroscopy, image analysis. Fields of application include: dairy products, fish products.

Evaluations of alternative ingredients and new technologies in food preservation

New ingredients from by-product of the food industry as an alternative to traditional food additives. Areas of specialization include: polyphenols, supplementation of feedstuffs, in-vitro antimicrobial activity evaluation, food enrichment, naturally occurring molecules, organoleptic evaluation. Fields of application include: fresh and dry cured meat.

Food composition and consumer protection

Composition and safety of food. Areas of specialization include: proximate composition, bioactive compounds, shelf-life evaluation, impact of food technologies on food composition and safety. Fields of application include: milk and dairy products, fresh meat and meat products, fresh fish and fish products, ethnic foods.