Padua University Laboratory for Ethics for Veterinary Medicine, Conservation, and Animal Welfare offers services of consultancy on ethical issues regarding the management and treatment of non-human animals to both private and public institutions. Our affiliates also offer talks and seminars on various thematic issue pertaining animal ethics. In particular, we offer consultancy on the ethical relevant issues of fields such as:

Ex-situ and in-situ Conservation Practices: to develop the ethical assessment in conservation projects and education and to promote the sensitization of public opinion and the ethical training of operators.

Veterinary Medicine: to promote veterinary ethics and to develop the ethical assessment in veterinary medicine, offering practitioners effective tools for dealing with complex ethical choices.

Laboratory and Farm animals: to provide guidelines in order to respect and promote animal welfare and the new societal ethical concerns regarding animal treatment.

Communication: to promote awareness on ethical issues concerning animals, and on the sensitive aspects linked with ethical communication