WeSocial: a project for improving your skills about digital communication and social networks! 2 seminars, 5 practical lab and the chance of being part of the new editorial staff of our Campus! Sign up!

• Two seminars on communication and social media strategiesFriday November 29th | Friday December 13th | 2.30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.aula 1F Fiore di Botta, Padova, via del Pescarotto 8

• 5 "social-media labs" (15 hours) for 36 students from January 10 location to be defined

And we will establish the first editorial staff composed by students for implementing two social accounts (Instagram and Facebook).
Seminars and labs will be held in Italian language.

On Monday November the 4th we will publish the form for signing up online. Save the date to be sure to be part of the project!

Info: wesocial.bca@unipd.it